Save time when you sell with us Let our fashion experts help you earn back up to 70% on your valuable but unused items in your closet. List your items on our well-curated designer platform or contact our Restyle Valet team to manage the sale for you.

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Choose from two selling options

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Do you love designer clothing and find yourself collecting too many of them in your closet? We make your closet clean out easy by removing the hassle of consignment. Read our guide on Listing Your Items or get straight to it now.

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Snap a Beautiful Picture

Our touchup artists always make sure that pictures you upload of your items are beautifully edited before they go online.

We make selling as easy for you as we can by taking care of your customer service and shipping needs. Never worry about costs or losing your valuable items in the mail - we've got you covered

Ship Painlessly For Free
Collect Your Earnings

Feel the joy of collecting your earnings after every successful sale. All transactions are done securely and are yours to keep once they have been paid out.


We provide the option for you to simplify the listing process. Just send in your items at once for us to list it for you. Make sure you read our FAQs on Sending In Your Items & Brands We Accept before sending in your items below.

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Send in your designer apparel to us without leaving your home. We'll get someone to pick it up for you. Never lose your valuable items in the mail again.
Our Fashion Experts will make sure that your items sell at the best price while marketing the true value of your items.
Earn when your item is purchased. Get rewarded for your sense of style by selling your designer collection with us.

Make sure to send us only preloved apparel from our selected brands that's in good enough condition that you would give it to your friends!