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Staying on Trend When You're Broke AF

August 17, 2017

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Most fashionistas will tell you that you need an acute sense of style if you want to stay trendy. Well, they’re only half right, since you also need a pretty deep wallet to maintain a high-end fashion lifestyle that includes updating your wardrobe every season. That is, until now. 

Your wallet shouldn’t prevent you from nailing the latest trends and perfecting your own lookbook with a few cool tricks that will let you maintain that luxury appeal without spending that much money. Isn’t that the dream? Thank you, second hand shopping. Without you, staying on trend would be so painful on the wallet.

Go big or go home

Oversized is the goal for this season, but you need to be clever with choosing your perfect item to scream out to the world that you’re the next Richie Rich of the fashion world. Because, it would be an absolute overkill if you go for a pair of hoop earrings that go as low as your shoulders, a hat that covers your entire face and shades that make you look like a magnified fly.

Instead, pick one – it will be more effective, and send the message of grandeur. For example, you can wear a chunky necklace to distract attention from your several years old jeans and steal the spotlight, making you look pretty trendy. It might not be expensive, but it sure is chunky and shiny!

One piece to rule them all

Just like your prominent jewellery item from the example above, if you in fact do decide to invest into a single expensive item that screams luxury, then you should do your research before heading to the stores. Listen to the influential fashion voices of bloggers, examine what seems to be the latest craze in the world of the famous, and take your pick.

Check with names such as Aimee Song, Blair Eadie and Gala Gonzalez. It could be a lasting designer bag, which is awesome simply because you likely won’t need another one for a long time, or you can go for a less durable, but more dazzling piece, such as a boho dress, or a pair of mighty heels.

Self-adornment at its best

Even if you can’t pull off a full high-end outfit, all it takes is a touch of makeup and your look will do the talkin’! Every season has its hot colour trends, so check out this spring’s bold tendencies towards perky pinks and raunchy reds, and you can infuse your seemingly cheap look with the effortless power of luxury.

The growing craze for all-natural, organic makeup can be difficult to keep up with, but some brands offer the same quality and yet are still quite a bargain. From bringing out your eyes with a range of glamorous glitter to achieving lip-perfection with rich colours, you can use your makeup to boost your charisma and elevate your look.

Embrace minimalism

If you’re looking for a perfect partner in crime to achieve the look of sophisticated simplicity – blame minimalism, that always works; especially if you choose a black item perhaps with one accentuating hue, such as your simplest cocktail dress, which will give your look a veil of opulent mystery. When it comes to affordable items with a minimal look, a interesting women’s jacket can dictate your entire outfit and create a feel of extravagance without the upscale price.

Another way to incorporate minimalism into your stylish life is to repurpose some of your older items, give them a personal touch and make them your best assets in fighting that cheap aura. An eclectic skirt or a tee can give your street-style a whole new edge if you use some of your worn-out items and add a few patches here and there.

The fine art of fragrances

Sometimes the most alluring aspect of your ensemble is the one that’s completely invisible – your scent of choice. Wear your delicious perfume and your most ravishing smile, and you’ll have a priceless combo to outmatch any garment.

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