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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Fashion and Beauty Influencer This Winter

May 10, 2017

An ultimate guide to becoming a fashion and beauty influencer 7 original

What we consider fashionable is no longer dictated solely by high-end designers and catwalk trends, in fact, fashion has transcended the retail world as well as the exclusive realms of runways. Today, the majority of the most influential fashion voices in the industry are actually bloggers and supermodels who wear a unique style outside of their shows.

This allows for recycling of vintage styles, mixing and matching some of the most unlikely beauty trends and creating fashion blends that would otherwise never see the light of day. If you’re on your way to becoming a fashion authority of your own at the very beginning of this cold season, read on to discover what will be your essentials to build your own authentic style!


Bring Out The Bomber


An Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Fashion And Beauty Influencer


A perfect addition to any wardrobe and a versatile piece of clothing, the bomber jacket this season comes in many shapes, colours and sizes. You cannot go wrong with an oversized replica of your high-school favourite, or a brand new velvet bomber, and as soon as the drizzly days of winter kick in, it will be your go-to fashion item for every occasion.


Embrace The Street Style


An Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Fashion And Beauty Influencer


Whether you opt for your older brother’s worn-out hoodie or you get your classic Champion hoodie with a matching tracksuit, you’ll be able to rock your own street style in no time! Follow in the footsteps of the gorgeous stars like Kendall and her sister Kylie, as they have broken out of their elite runway combos and started their own chic look with the help of good old brands with comfortable, edgy items.

If you’ve already caught on with the ripped jeans craze, then you can simply continue refining your style with the help of accent items and bold accessories, but make sure to add colour to your look, because nothing can liven up your winter days better than a splash of vivid hues and daring patterns on some of your favourite urban-wear.


The 80's Are Back


An Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Fashion And Beauty Influencer


And they’re back with more glam glow than ever! You can elevate your evening look with a Saint Laurent silk-blend blouse with a pussy-bow tie you can either wear loose, tight or fully untied, depending on your personal preference and the occasion. The beauty of such an elegant piece is that it will allow you the comfort of wearing it for the most sophisticated of events, as well as for your casual evening outing. The same goes for the versatility of prints this trend brings. You can go wild, try out different ones and choose the ones that really suit you. Do not miss to rock the zig zag trend, such as the one on stylish Moschino navy jackets.

Go all out by finding your favourite electric shades to go with your rugged street look, match it with a unique hairstyle, oversized jewellery and chunky shoes. This style makes the most of the already explored glam elements, but you are here to give it a refreshing edge.


Go Green With Beauty


An Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Fashion And Beauty Influencer


With so many different makeup trends emerging for the upcoming season, you can take your pick from subtle shades, no makeup at all or bold neon colours, but the core quality of any beauty product you choose should be organic. Go green with mineral makeup by Jane Iredale with a range of skin-friendly items that not only emphasize your natural beauty but also nourish your skin.

Ladies with sensitive skin know well ‒ your skin needs as many natural ingredients as possible. So, make it your winter mission to nurture your look with the help of organic, all-natural items from your makeup kit. 


Accessorize With Care


An Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Fashion And Beauty Influencer


Sometimes your least prominent items can make the loudest statement in your look, so choose your accompanying elements carefully to complement your look. This season might be colder, but clever layers, and hand-picked details will turn your mundane daily look into a fashionista’s dream-come-true.

White shoes can always make a perfect addition to your existing autumn collection, but plain white sneakers are probably the only cross-seasonal item that can be boldly combined with your winter bomber as well as your ‘80s look. Add simple choker and an oversized bag, and you’ll be a single photo away from becoming the latest Instagram star!


Written by Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.