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Getting Ready for the Next Season: The Fashion Detox

February 20, 2016

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It usually takes some digging to find your favourite clothes from the previous season. Unless you have made the effort to establish order in your closet (trust me, it doesn't come naturally as I have come to realise), your closet would usually be about as organised as though it had been hit by a hurricane.

Source: Australia Street Style


Some pieces never ever see the light of day ever again. You might have started neglecting them when they stopped hugging your figure in the right areas, or somehow you might have simply fallen out of love with them. A pang of nostalgia hits you everytime you think about clearing it out somehow, so you let it remain in your closet, making sure it still has a home instead of tossing it out on the streets. 

Most fashion lovers tend to hoard their clothing and accessories - at one point, each and every piece was a staple in your style that season. Unless you own a massive walk-in closet (it never hurts to keep dreaming), it is quite likely that your closet is in need of a serious detox. 


1 Color-Coding or Type Organizing – Find Your Category

You should select a theme on which to base your closet cleanup - we recommend categorising your closet based on seasons. This way, you'll know which corner to rummage through when that season comes around again. 


2 If You Haven’t Worn It Yet, The Chances Are You Probably Never Will

The harsh reality is that we keep clothes we don't seem to get around to wearing ever again in the hope that you will use it an a future event - but we never do. For example, you might have bought a gorgeous Zimmermann maxi dress for a black tie event, but wore it only that one time as you never really had other events to attend of that scale, and your usual style preference is casual rather than dressy. 

Or you could just be a massive shopaholic, buying extravagant outfits that you wear once at a party, never to wear it again because you would not get caught in the same outfit twice. 

It would be such a waste to keep these unloved outfits sitting in your closet because there is definitely someone else out there who is dying to wear it and would love it a lot more than you! We recommend either giving doing a clothing swap with a friend, donating them or selling them - this way you give those clothes a new lease of life.


3 Careful Storage Is Caring For Your Clothes

If you have trouble finding enough room to store last season's clothes, throwing them into a messy pile at the bottom of your closet probably won’t do the trick – you’ll need to pay a bit more attention to your clothes.

The efforts from arranging them early on pay off when that season comes around again - make sure that you wash and iron each piece, folding them neatly away into an organised stack. The more you do right now, the less work you’ll have the next season when you unpack them again. Make sure to place your boxes somewhere dry and safe, not forgetting mothballs, so you don’t get an unwelcome surprise when you open them.

This keeps your closet super organised and also makes sure your off-season clothes are maintained in excellent condition. Guess who pays such closet attention to her closet? Jennifer Lopez relies on an internal barcode system that tracks every piece of clothing she has – in both her wardrobes in Los Angeles and New York! Each piece is marked with a unique barcode which is then scanned into her database. This way she never wears the same thing twice unless she wants to, and can find anything easily. Sure, we probably wouldn’t need a barcode scanner to organize our closets, but it would make sense to label where you store your garments and accessories – that way, you will also find any piece you need in no time.


4 If It Doesn’t Suit You, Put It Aside

Source: A Practical Wedding


The fact that something is trendy right now doesn’t mean it will be right for you. Your personal style needs to be developed according to your body type, not the latest designer collections. So if you’ve been waiting for quite some time to fit into the last plunging V-neck dress (which you paid a small fortune for), maybe it’s time to say your goodbyes – it probably was not the right fit. All hope is not lost because you can always sell it and make some cash that you can spend on new collections.


5 Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

Fashion bloggers develop their brand of personal style by experimenting with items they usually would not use, pairing them in interestingly bold combinations to see how it works for them. Margaret Zhang, a very talented fashion blogger, confides that she often improvises and tries on new styles, and has even gotten as far as styling them with her boyfriend’s shirts! So don’t be afraid to use garments that are new to your style code – try to mix with different types of styles and materials. 

The best way to start developing a new style is to get some pieces that you wouldnt normally get at discounted prices. This gives you access to a larger range to explore with, while not spending too much on a style you have not refined yet. Iconic designers tend to be very expensive, and unless you're getting them at a good price, it is unlikely that you will risk buying it "Brand New" in order to discover how the piece could improve your fashion sense. 

Adopting these guidelines will make it more fun for you in your fashion discovery and remove the hassle that surrounds moving from one season into another. Also, the process of detoxing your wardrobe interestingly isn’t all about the clothes – it is also a great way to see how much your style is developing.