Heed the Fashion Revolution: A New Way to Revamp Your Closet

February 20, 2016

Heed the fashion revolution   a new way to revamp your closet original

As much as the new season makes us feel excited because of all the new clothes can finally wear and the all the new collections that we can explore, the change of seasons can also make us weary because of all the clothes that need to be stored away.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a fabulous walk-in closet, you’ll still need to perform some sort of seasonal clearing out to prevent clutter. Most fashion aficionados get pretty attached to their gorgeous outfits, and you probably have a pile of clothes to wade through by the end of each season. 

Think about if it were possible to take some of that mess, perhaps stuff that you don't use anymore or have used once or twice, and sell it online - and painlessly. Although it is such a good idea, we don't really see that happening - but what a great waste of some of the amazing pieces hiding in that wardrobe of yours. 

Everybody knows Kim Kardashion, but not many people know that before she was known in every household, she actually started out by helping her friends sell their designer wear online (all celebrities, of course). By 2013 she was making about US$270,000 for the year, just by selling her own and friends' unloved designer wear.

Kim has worked super hard to get where she is, and is pretty much our idol! However, not everyone has such great access to celebrities who own so many of these high end apparel. However, they might own a handful of amazing pieces that are still great quality, but have somehow grown out of - all they need is a fast, seamless way to do that, so that they can sell it off to someone else who will love it more than them, without the hassle. 

We dug through the archives and found some of the items she had listed before, and what a steal it was - everything was at a discount to retail, but in great condition or new with tags (below). It was almost as though we were getting the chance to peek into her closet and explore the racks of fashion styles and designers that Kim herself wears.

We believe that this is going to change the way people shop. This would empower so many more fashion lovers to own their favourite pieces at much better value prices, and even have a second chance at getting an item that has sold out in stores, while reducing the clutter and wastage in our closets!

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