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Stepping Out of the Monochrome: Style Yourself Bold This Summer

February 20, 2016

Stepping out of the monochrome   style yourself bold this summer original

There are always some everlasting styles that we see being repeated every autumn. As the temperatures fall, the layers of clothing will just keep piling on. But thats no reason to give up on looking svelte, in fact this gives you more pieces to play with. We give you some style tips to break out of the standard monochromes staples and live a little.


The Grand Floral Maxi Dress

The floral maxi dress is a classic. Floral designs always show up every summer and will always be in style - the prints are a perfect for breaking the winter and spring monotony and maintain a glamorous and feminine look. You can try something similar to what Jessica Stein is wearing. She is looking glamourous and positive in this colourful Auguste dress (top), perfect for summer events such as weddings or dinner dates. Break out of the monochrome mould and make use of the summer to wear beautiful flirty, yet bold, contrasting colours. On the other hand, if you want something that features a more glamourous look for the evening, the Madre Floral Dress by Alex Perry (bottom) is the perfect fit.


Source: tuulavintage


Add a Splash of Neon

In case you want to catch everyone’s eye and make an impression, just a word of advice - neon goes really well with a tan. 

Here's some neon eye candy:  Jen Hawkins is wearing a yellow neon dress by Toni Maticevski (left), which is nicely paired with the contrasting black accessories. Georgia Connolly chose a bright pink mini dress by Alex Perry (center), the lace and delicate sparkle making it playful and exciting. Lastly, Rebecca Judd went for the all-orange short dress, also by Alex Perry (right). The puffed sleeves are an amazing retro touch and they certainly make this dress super eye-catching.


Stand Out in Stripes

Every fashion minded-girl probably already owns a few black and white striped outfits, be it thicker monochrome block lines or a simpler pinstripe detail. However, changing it up from time to time with colourful combinations is a nice idea. Take a look at Elyse Knowles, brightening the day with this wonderful Licorice Allsorts dress by Johnny, paired nicely with orange heels. Additionally, the bear shoulders are a breath of fresh air, and they help complete the look.


Combine Unique Prints with Stylish Cut Outs

Last but not least is the wickedly entertaining print. Instead of going for one colour or a floral pattern, you can take a risk and opt for an innovative print. Something avant-garde would be a great way to go. Zanita really does know how to do wear some awesome print. Here, she is wearing a Zimmermann dress which is flowy and colourful, with an open back, which gives it the right touch of risqué.  

Whatever you decide on, make sure that it is unique. You should make bold fashion statements this summer. Be brave and confident!

Source: Pinterest